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Universe Pageant - Darwin's Sandbox [DONE]

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Universe Pageant - Darwin's Sandbox [DONE]

Postby lathe » Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:09 pm


Here is the download link:

I gave up on trying to convert it to an exe, so I hope you have python and pygame installed if you want to play it. Check out the readme.txt for instructions. Thanks.

Hello! Nice to meet all of you. This is my first post here. I was linked to this contest about a month ago from the tigsource irc channel.

I've been working on a game, and seeing as the contest ends tomorrow, I figured I should stop procrastinating and finally post here.

The game is a evolution simulation. It simulates a world populated by creatures controlled by neural networks. The creatures start out dumb, and slowly get smarter as they evolve. You watch them eat food, reproduce, mutate, and die.

You can turn up the amount of food, and watch the creatures breed out of control, then turn down the amount of food, and watch as they all starve. You can change the mutation rate and watch as the creatures change colors and die of cancer.

This is the first program I've written in python, so it was a fun learning experience.

I'll post it as soon as I finish up some stuff and figure out how to make python exes.

Let me know if there's anything I'm doing wrong, since this is my first time participating. Thanks!


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